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How to Refinish the Deck

Refinishing your deck is a simple and inexpensive weekend project that can give your backyard a little boost.

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    $100 - $250

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Step 1: Clean the Deck

Use either a spray nozzle on your garden hose or a power washer. Additionally, you may need to scrub the deck with a large brush and a mild laundry detergent, and use a narrow tool, such as a putty knife or small hand saw, to remove debris stuck between decking boards.

Step 2: Sand the Deck

Focus on areas where the deck is splintering as well as on the handrails.

Step 3: Stain the Deck

You can use a new color or match your existing stain.

Step 4: Apply a Finish

To protect the deck, apply a finish that is water repellant or waterproof, offers UV protection and has a wood preservative. Finish can be applied with brushes, rollers or sprayed on. Follow all manufacturer directions, and reapply as directed, every one to four years.

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