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How to Prepare the House for Winter

This season, protect your home from Old Man Winter with a few quick and easy fixes.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Caulk all Cracks and Holes

The impact of cracks and holes can be equal to that of an open window, so caulk all leaks. Expanding foam works great for sealing around cracks and pipes. While gaps around windows and doors can be filled with adhesive foam weather stripping.

Step 3: Cover Windows, Vents and Doors

For an extra heat loss protection, try applying a clear insulating film to windows. Cover or close off heating vents and doors to rooms that get little use.

Step 4: Change Filters and Check for Problems Outside

When it comes to the furnace, filters should be changed every month. For maximum efficiency, try the pleated kind, they capture more dirt. Help reduce heat loss by keeping your hot water heater warm and cozy with an insulation blanket. Outside, remember to check for missing or cracked shingles and for any buildup in gutters.