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How to Plant a Border Garden

With the proper care, a perennial border will become more beautiful with each passing year.

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    $100 - $250

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    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Prepare the Planting Area

Preparing the planting area is the first step to a successful garden. The junipers that form the back border are trimmed to allow maximum sunlight to the perennial border. When trimming junipers, cut the leggy branches back close to the trunk to prevent stubby ends from being visible.

trim juniper close to trunk to prevent stubby ends

Step 2: Relocate Existing Plants

Dig up and relocate existing plants that are not compatible with the new garden plan. The planting bed is raised to the preferred level using railroad ties, which are chemically treated to prevent decomposition.

raised planting bed framed with railroad ties

Step 3: Add a Topsoil Mixture

A nutritious topsoil mixture is then added to desired levels. When raising a soil line, be careful to prevent the soil from accumulating at the base of existing trees and shrubs. Soil in contact with the bark of the tree or shrub can cause the bark to rot and produce crown rot, which will cause the plant to die back.

raise the soil line with nutritious topsoil