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How to Paint With Rags

Rag painting with its soft, fresh look is a great way to update a bathroom on a budget.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Choose Paint Colors

A smart way to start the project is to pick out your accessories first. This will help you decide on the complementary colors for the paint and glaze you'll need for the walls.

Step 3: Clean the Walls and Mix the Paint

Before you begin rag painting, clean and patch the walls and apply a basecoat of paint. Allow the basecoat to dry overnight before applying the rag technique. You’ll want to create a mixture of metallic paint, wall color and glaze. Dampening your rag with water will allow it to soak up glaze more evenly than a dry rag.

Step 4: Experiment With Designs

Practicing on poster boards is a great way to experiment with designs. Different rags give different textures. You can try soft cotton cloth, a plastic bag or even a paper lunch bag.

Reshaping the rag or bag creates more patterns. Rotating your hand as you apply the paint will create a smoother look. The less paint you squeeze out, the more dramatic the design will be. With more paint squeezed out, you’ll get a lighter, more subtle design. Overlapping sections will blend edges.

Step 5: Paint the Walls

If you make a mistake, rub the glaze with a clean rag, allow the area to dry, and cover with the basecoat. When you’re happy with the design, the glaze can be painted on the walls in sections.

Finally add your new towels and accessories and your bath will go from boring to beautiful without breaking the budget

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