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How to Paint Walls for a Moroccan Girl's Room

Moroccan-look walls begin with a creamy yellow glaze and are completed with oversize handmade stencils.

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  • Time

    Two Days

  • Price Range

    $50 - $100

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Cover the Floor with Rosin Paper

Lay out rosin paper and tape down.

Tape off the door, window trim and baseboards.

Step 2: Mix and Roll on the Glaze

Mix one part paint to three parts glaze.

Roll on clear glaze to create a barrier, working in sections.

Roll color glaze with 75-80 percent coverage, rolling in a "W" pattern.

Step 3: Spread the Glaze on the Walls

Bunch up paper towels to foam a cushy pad.

Spread glaze around on wall with paper towel pads. Let dry.