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How to Paint Stripes on Wall Using a Laser Level

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Step 1: Paint Wall a Solid Color

Paint the entire wall the desired color you have chosen.

Step 2: Mark Stripes on Wall

Using a tape measure or ruler, measure from the ceiling down (or floor up) and mark, with a pencil, where you want the first stripe to go. From there, measure from the top and bottom of that stripe to add the next stripe. Repeat process until you have the desired number of stripes.

Step 3: Set Laser Level

Attach the Crossliner laser level to a solid surface or tripod (Image 1). Crossliner will automatically level itself. Line up the laser to the measurements marked on the wall to create a level line along the entire wall (Image 2).

Step 4: Tape Along Lines and Paint Stripes

Using painter's tape, tape along the laser level line to create your level stripes (Image 1). Continue to adjust the Crossliner level to each measurement and mark all lines for your stripes (Image 2). Paint in between your level lines to create your stripes with the desired paint color (Image 3).

Step 5: Remove Tape

Once the wall is dry, slowly peel off the painter's tape. Touch up any missed areas with a 1-inch paintbrush.

TIP: Use a blow dryer to follow along the stripe as you peel the tape to prevent peeling of paint from the wall.

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