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How To Paint Stripes on a Wall

Stripes have a striking first appearance, but they also create a balanced, well-organized feeling while adding height to a room.

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stripes add height to a room
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Step 1: Prepare the Wall

Paint a base coat. When it is dry, tape off sections for the first color of stripes.

tape off sections for first color of stripes

Step 2: Paint the First Color of Stripes

Paint the stripe sections, remove the painter's tape and allow them to dry. Check the paint information for drying time. When painting stripes, be sure to use a minimal amount of paint on the brush to prevent drips or runs from ruining the pattern. Also, be careful not to leave the painter's tape on too long, or it may begin to pull off the undercoat of paint.

paint stripe sections

Step 3: Paint the Second Color of Stripes

Then tape off the blue sections and paint them. Remove painter's tape and allow walls to dry.

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