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How to Paint Stencil Patterns on Wood Furniture

Learn how to dress up chest of drawers and nightstands by using stencil patterns and paint.

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paint stencil patterns on wood furniture
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Step 1: Paint the Diamond Pattern

First, paint the entire chest with an eggshell latex paint.

Trace cardboard diamond shape onto dresser sides, then mask shapes with painters tape.

Paint inside diamond area, then stipple over paint using stippling brush. Allow to dry.

Apply paint to one surface of leaf and press leaf at the area where the diamonds meet. Pull leaf away, then use artist's brush to apply a darker outline and add detail to leaf.

Step 2: Paint a Leafy Nightstand

A nightstand is painted before receiving a plaster top with leafy plaster imprints.

Apply eggshell latex paint to nightstand and allow to dry.

Mix Plaster of Paris, add latex paint to tint (the same color used for base coat) until desired color is achieved.

Use the putty knife to apply plaster on top surface of nightstand.

Press faux leaves into plaster to make imprints. Pull each leaf away after pressing. When entire surface is complete, allow to dry.

Step 3: Create a Leaf Painting

Paint box canvas with eggshell latex and allow to dry.

Apply hot glue to corners of the varnished maple leaves, press to canvas and allow to dry.

create a leaf painting