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How to Paint Cabinets

Transform an ordinary kitchen into a work of art. The experts show how to paint kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen a retro look.

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    $100 - $250

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    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Prep the Paint

An easy and quick way to paint the cabinets is to use a power sprayer. A high volume low-pressure sprayer really concentrates the paint for jobs like cabinets.

The paint has to be prepped first so that you don't clog the sprayer. Make sure the paint is well mixed. Pour about one cup of latex paint into a mixing cup and add paint conditioner (according to directions). To spray the paint, it has to be thin to the proper consistency. Check the thickness with a viscosity testing cup that comes with the sprayer. Fill the cup and see how long it takes to empty. For latex paint, it should empty in approximately 30 seconds.

Note: Do not use water to mix latex paint, because it will not spray properly. You can purchase the paint conditioner at home center stores.

mix paint before using on cabinets

Step 2: Pour the Paint Into the Canister

When the paint is ready, pour it into the spray pump canister using a paint filter to prevent lumps or debris from clogging the sprayer.

Step 3: Feather Spray the Cabinets

Spraying latex is pretty safe, but it is a good idea to use a respirator, especially in a confined space. Feather the spray at the end of each pass to get good coverage.