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How to Paint a Spanish Dining Room

The rustic charm begins with painting the dining room walls gold with a deep burgundy horizontal panel.

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dining room wall given rustic charm
  • Time


  • Price Range

    $100 - $250

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Cover Floor and Tape off Baseboards

Cover the floor with rosin paper.

Tape off baseboards and trim.

place carpet shield on floor

Step 2: Apply Paint in Patches

Paint large patches of vertical and horizontal colors, using paint color: Cork 2153-40.

Roll on patches of paint (HC-9) glaze mix, filling in white areas. Let dry completely.

dining room wall given rustic charm

Step 3: Splatter Paint

Splatter Mustang, 2111-30, mixed with a little glaze and drag through vertically and horizontally with a dry brush to create texture.

Once th Walls are dry, splatter deep brown paint all over, then spread the paint lightly with a dry brush to add depth and variety.

Step 4: Add Brown to Ground the Room

Measure a horizontal line above the baseboard and tape off. With a 6" roller or mini roller, roll on a deep burgundy brown to ground the room and provide a rich dark contrast.

Step 5: Add Fresh Clay for Balance

Using chalk-line snap a line around the room at the height of the windowsill.

Tape just above line and sweep away chalk dust.

Roll on 2093-20 Fresh Clay. Roll a second coat if necessary.