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How to Paint a Kitchen Chalkboard Wall (page 2 of 3)

Ever need to jot down a note while talking on the phone but can't find paper or a pencil? What about those shopping or "honey do" lists? Here's a creative way to transform a dull kitchen wall into a neighborhood talking point.

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Step 4: Cut In Using a Paintbrush

Pour the latex chalkboard paint into a small container to be used to cut in around the window trim, ceiling corners and wall edges. Apply two coats of edging paint and corner details. Two coats will be matched with two coats of rolled paint on the walls.

Safety Tip: It is always wise to use safety glasses when painting above the head.

Step 5: Roller Paint the Wall

Pour the remains of the edging paint into the paint tray (Image 1). Wash the brush and paint container with warm soapy water. Set aside to dry.

Working in small areas at a time and eliminating roller ridge as you go, roll small quantities of paint onto the wall in an up-and-down "W" motion (Image 2). Many latex chalkboard paints will dry to the touch in 30 minutes. A second coat can be applied after two hours. Read paint can directions to confirm dry time.

When applying the second coat, "lay off the wall" using a light touch to apply last roller strokes.

Step 6: Clean and Finish

Allow the second coat of paint to dry to the touch. Pull off and dispose of the painter's tape. Clean the roller and roller pan with warm soapy water. Touch up any trim paint if needed. Remove the drop cloth and reinstall the baseboard. Be certain to nail the baseboard into the wall studs so as not to hit any electrical wiring that may be present inside the wall. Replace appliances to their proper locations. Allow the chalkboard paint to dry until morning before writing on the wall.

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