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How to Paint a Canvas Rug

Paint makes an artist's canvas rug possible, complete with a fun center design and vintage feel.

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Step 1: Paint the Canvas

Roll the entire canvas with 1046 Sandy Brown. Let dry.Mark off wide border, tape off and roll on AC-9 Nugget. Let dry.

Step 2: Center the Cut Out Graphic

Using newspaper, cut out the graphic shape for the middle, lay it in the center and trace around the edge.

Step 3: Outline the Graphic Shape

Outline the shape with 2133-10 Onyx and large artist brushes. Roughly mark out where polka-dot pattern will go.

Step 4: Push in the Yellow Paint

Dip round sponges in shallow tray of their original wall color (yellow) and push onto canvas, filling in the graphic shape in the center. Let dry.

Step 5: Roll on the Flat Varnish

Roll on MM Dead Flat varnish with special rollers.

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