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How To Move a Pool Table

Follow these steps to move a pool table without damaging the walls, floor or ceiling.

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moving a pool table
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    $50 - $100

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Step 1: Get the Dollys Under One Side of the Table

First, line up the dollys on one end of the table. Lift one side of the pool table at a time onto the dollys, lowering the table slowly. If the dollys have locking casters, it is very important to lock them into place. If not, blocks can be used to keep the dollys from moving.

get dollys under one side of table

Step 2: Repeat for the Other Side

Now, repeat the process used on the first side of the table. Lower the last two legs onto the dollys.

repeat for other side of pool table

Step 3: Move the Table to its New Spot

Clear a path for the table and have an idea of where it can set while on the dollys. With someone on each corner, push the table slowly to its temporary home. Once there, lock or block the wheels to keep it from moving.