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How to Mount the Hardware to Hang Wall Cabinets

Here's how to prepare for hanging wall cabinets.

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attach mounting bar to wall


Step 1: Make Measurements

Measure the cabinet to the bottom of the brackets, and add the amount of space you want underneath when they’re on the wall (Image 1).

Measure that total length on the wall, and mark (Image 2). Then mark the center point on the wall.

Step 2: Line Up the Mounting Bar

Take the center of the mounting bar, and line it up to the center on the wall, and mark the location of the screw holes (Image 1).

Punch holes on these marks with a screwdriver (Image 2). Then, drive the anchors into the holes, and attach the mounting bar to the wall with screws (Image 3).

Step 3: Hang the Brackets

Hang the cabinet brackets onto the wall bar (Image 1).

Check for level, and tighten the screws from the inside of the cabinet (Image 2).