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How To Make Window Ornaments

Brackets and other millwork make classy accents for windows.

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brackets and other millwork dresses up windows
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Step 1: Decide Where to Place the Ornament

Hold the bracket up to the window and determine the best placement. Mark the location for the eyebolts to suspend the bracket -- one on each side and one at the tip.

suspend brackets with eyebolts from window

Courtesy of Lucie Rowe

Step 2: Drill Into the Window

Pre-drill holes in the window for the eyebolts. Be careful not to nick the glass with the drill bit.

Install eyebolts in the holes. Drill small holes in the brackets that correspond to the locations of the eyebolts.

install eyebolts in predrilled holes in windows

Courtesy of Lucie Rowe

Step 3: Add Beads to the Ornament

String beads onto 19-gauge copper or stainless steel wire. Michele used oversized beads in her project to help conceal the wire and add color to the design.
Run the wire through the holes in the bracket, then through the eyebolt on the window frame. Twist the wire securely around the eyebolt and trim away the excess.
Repeat the process for the other two eyebolts.