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How To Make Plywood Stars

To add a dash of panache and a bit of dimension to a room, create these plywood stars with the help of a template.

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  • Time

    Two Days

  • Price Range

    $50 - $100

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Create the Template

The star template is a simple 72-degree triangle. This angle was calculated by dividing a circle of 360 degrees by the 5 points of a star. Use protractor to mark off 72 degrees on Luan plywood. (The size of this triangle isn't important; what matters is the angle. Use the angle to create a triangle of any size needed.)

Step 2: Cut the Plywood

Cut out the triangle (cardboard or foam core board could be substituted for the plywood). Measure down from the point about every 4" on both sides and draw a straight horizontal line connecting the two points. Having a straight line between the two equally measured distance is crucial -- it will be the rotation guideline for creating the star.

Step 3: Determine the Size of the Star

Use the triangle to create the star size desired. First, make a horizontal line on a new piece of plywood. This is your starting point. Place your triangle template on top of this line (in this example, the 4" straight line went atop the horizontal). Now, trace the first leg of the star, extending pencil mark slightly past the 4" straight line.

Step 4: Create the First Three Legs of the Star

Rotate the triangle so the triangle shows a top straight edge or an alignment with the horizontal line. Adjust the 4" straight line so it matches or intersects with the first leg that was drawn. Now, draw the second leg -- this should have only one pencil line because the top of this leg was created with the first drawn horizontal line. The third leg is the same as the second leg, except the template will be moved to the right side of the first leg. Now you should have three legs of a five-leg star.

create first three legs of the star

Step 5: Create the Last Two Legs of the Star

To finish the last two legs, rotate the template so that a 4" straight line intersects with an existing second leg point. The alignment of this leg is determined by aligning the template's long edge with the edge of the first point. Do the same for the last leg and everything should align to create the perfect star. Score outline of star with utility knife, then cut with jigsaw. Sand edges smooth with sandpaper, then paint and allow to dry before hanging on wall.

score outline of star with utility knife

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