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How to Make Over a Bar Area

A bar is given more scale with an extra thickness of wood on the top and paneling on the front. Pendant lights brighten up the whole area.

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make over a bar area
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    $100 - $250

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Step 1: Cut the Wood

Measure the width and height of the bar frame. Make the appropriate cuts to the paneling. Cut 3/4" plywood to the specific measurements of the top of the bar.

Step 2: Attach the Paneling and Top

Attach the paneling under the counter using a trim gun. The two sides of plywood are called "face" and "back." The face is generally made of better-quality wood. Place the plywood on top of the old bar and nail every 6"-12" until the bar top is secure. Rather than recessing and covering the molding nails, make them a part of your design by using large-headed decorative tacks or wide-headed nails with graduated washers.

Step 3: Add the Trim

Nail 1x2 pieces of trim all the way around the bar top. Decide on the placement of the corbels, making sure they are level, then begin installation by pre-drilling and screwing into position.

Step 4: Install the Pendant Lights

For the lighting, use a lighting kit that turns a simple lampshade into a pendant light. Decide whether a single light will work better than multiples. Screw the first hook into the ceiling where you would like the light to be positioned. Screw the second hook in the back corner and run the cord the length of the wall.