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How to Make Faux-Stone Columns for Halloween or Any Occasion (page 1 of 2)

Learn how to create lightweight columns using cardboard concrete forms, Styrofoam and pool toys.

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    Under Half Day

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    $1 - $50

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

These columns can be used inside or outside of your haunted house. They are perfect for displaying pumpkins, Halloween decor or even a simple potted plant.

Form the Top and Base of the Column

For the top of the column, we used an old torilla container and just cut off the handles. The column is a cardboard sonotube that is normally used as a form for pouring concrete supports. You can find them at home improvement stores.

Place the column top onto the cardboard sonotube form and attach with Gorilla Glue.

Slit open one side of the pool noodle and slide it onto the bottom of the sonotube. Add some Gorilla Glue to make sure it sticks. Let dry.

Attach Toothpicks

Place the sonotube with the pool noodle attached onto a square-cut Styrofoam base. Center the sonotube then trace its position with permanent marker. Remove the tube. On the Stryofoam base, insert toothpicks a half inch inside the traced pattern (image, below).

Cover the toothpicks with Gorilla Glue and slide the pool noodle onto the toothpicks. The combination of Gorilla Glue and toothpicks will hold the pool noodle to the Styrofoam base. Let dry.

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