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How to Make Faux Raised-Panel Cuts

A panel-saw table can be used with a lot more than just a panel saw. Use these instructions to see how -- with the help of a plunge router -- the table can be used to create faux raised-panel cuts.

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create faux raised panel cuts
  • Time

    1 hour

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Secure the Scrap Pieces of Wood

Use scrap pieces of wood as fences on all four sides of the work piece. Screw the scraps into place on the panel-saw table. Set the plunge router to the desired depth of the grooves to be cut into the work piece. Mount the router on the T-square.

secure scrap pieces of wood

Step 2: Mark the Work Piece

Use a pencil to trace the lines where the grooves will be on the work piece. Tighten the four stops on the T-square's rails at the ends of the four pencil lines.

mark the work piece

Step 3: Set the T-square

Set the gauge on the T-square to correspond with the center of the router. Tighten the gauge in place at that point.

set gauge on T square to correspond router center

Step 4: Cut the Work Piece

Turn on the router. Make a pass down the first pencil line, sliding the T-square and router until they hit the stop. Working counterclockwise, make the second, third and fourth cuts just as the first one.

cut the work piece