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How To Make Decorative Giant Crayons

Color a cute room with these crayons.

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graden stakes transformed into colorful crayons
  • Time


  • Price Range

    $100 - $250

  • Difficulty

    Moderate to Hard


Step 1: Smooth the edges

Round over the edges of the stakes using the router table with a 1/2" roundover bit.

round edges of stakes to create crayon shape

Step 2: Paint and attach the paper to the stakes

Sand the edges smooth and brush a coat of acrylic paint over all surfaces of the stake. While the paint is still wet, wrap a piece of white tissue paper once around the base, positioning it about 1" from the bottom edge. Or, wait until the paint dries and adhere the tissue paper with a thinned-down mixture of water and white glue. The paint color will show through the tissue paper, making it look like a crayon wrapper.

Attach two strips of rickrack or ribbon to the top and bottom of the tissue paper with hot glue.

use white tissue to serve as crayon wrapper

Step 3: Apply the wax medium

Brush wax medium on the exposed areas of the crayon. Use a heat gun to slightly melt the wax medium.

Step 4: Create the labels

Create the color label on the crayon with rubber stamps or other lettering techniques. Seal the crayon with a coat of water-based polyurethane spray in either gloss or matte finish.