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How To Make a Textured Bookcase

Give an old bookcase a new look with this strie treatment.

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refinishing the old dark brown bookcase
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    $100 - $250

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Step 1: Apply the Base Coats

Apply a coat of primer to the bookcase and let dry. Apply a coat of the paint from the upper walls over the primer and let dry. Be sure to paint the inside of the bookcase -- the outside will be given a frottage treatment and the inside left plain for contrast.

Step 2: Add the Strie Treatment

Apply a coat of red paint to the outside of the bookcase and before it dries, create the strie, or small lines, with a wallpaper brush. Hold the brush firmly at the top of the bookcase and pull straight down to the bottom in one stroke. The brush lifts off some of the red paint, leaving the distinctive lines that give the technique its name.

create small lines,or strie,with wallpaper brush

Step 3: Employ the Glazing Technique

After the striated sections have dried completely, add a coat of smoky glaze (Image 1). While it's still wet, crumple a piece of tissue paper and press it on the glaze (Image 2), using the same technique you used on the walls. Continue this technique, changing tissue paper as often as needed, until the entire surface has been ragged.