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How to Make a Tasseled Table Runner

A materials list and step by step guide to making a tassled table runner

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  • Time

    30 Minutes

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Measure, Mark and Cut Fabric

Note: You can use two different fabrics for the face and lining to make the runner reversible.

Measure desired width of runner and add 1 inch. Measure desired length of runner from point to point and add 1 inch. Mark and cut 2 pieces of fabric to these measurements.

Step 2: Mark and Cut a Diagonal Line

Fold one piece of fabric in half crosswise, then lengthwise. At the open end, use a pencil and ruler to mark a diagonal line to form point. Cut along marked line through all layers. Open out fabric and use as pattern to trim other piece of fabric to the same size.

Step 3: Pin the Tassels

With right side up, pin the loop of a tassel at each endpoint of one piece of fabric, so the tassel points toward the center of the fabric. Pin the other piece of fabric, right side down, to first piece, with raw edges even.

Step 4: Stitch the Edges

Stitch edges with 1/2-inch seam, leaving a 6-inch opening along one long side.

Step 5: Trim the Corners

Trim corners; turn right side out. Press.

Step 6: Sew the Opening

Slipstitch opening closed.

Produced By Donna Talley
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