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How To Make a Stenciled Wet Bar

A buffet gets an update with lime green paint and a tightly placed Victorian stencil pattern in black, creating the illusion that it has been wrapped in Victorian-style velvet wallpaper.

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make a stenciled wet bar
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    $100 - $250

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Step 1: Prepare the Piece

Remove hardware from the wet bar. Lightly sand and remove sanding dust with a box brush. Use a tack cloth to make sure all the leftover grit is picked up.

Step 2: Mix and Apply the Paint

Mix black gesso (a thick water-based primer used to prep canvases for painting with acrylic-type paints, which remains flexible when dry) with a bit of the green (the gesso is a fancy primer). Apply green paint (this may require two coats).

mix and apply paint to old buffet

Step 3: Add the Stencils

Stencil on Victorian-style ready-made stencils with the black gesso and a stipple brush (the gesso has a velvety finish); place the stencils close together to create a wallpaper effect.

place stencils close together for wallpaper effect

Step 4: Varnish and Finish the Piece

After the paint has dried completely, varnish with a high-gloss water-based varnish to protect the stencil and give it a modern lacquer look. Replace hardware.