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How to Make a Sanding Drum

Unlike other sanding accessories, sanding drums can reach into curved corners and deep recesses. These instructions can turn a drill press into a sanding machine in no time.

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making a sanding drum
  • Time

    30 Minutes

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Cut the Sandpaper

Cut a piece of sandpaper into a circle a little larger than the disc. Center the disc on the back of the sandpaper, and use a pencil to trace the disc's circumference onto the sandpaper (Image 1). Using scissors, make closely spaced radial cuts on the sandpaper up to the line you just drew (Image 2).

Step 2: Insert a Carriage bolt and Attach the Sandpaper

Insert a carriage bolt into the center of the small wood disc. Use rubber cement to attach the sandpaper to the disc. Allow the cement to dry.

insert carriage bolt into center of wood disc

Step 3: Attach the Jig

Attach the jig to the chuck of the drill press when you need to sand recessed areas.

attach jig to chuck of drill press



  • Tools from Craftsman Tools