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How to Make a Router Bit Storage Unit

This four-sided unit will help keep router bits in order. It stores bits vertically, and a profile piece explains what each bit will do.

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four sided unit will keep router bits in order
  • Time

    2 hours

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Make a Box

Nail or screw four pieces of wood together into a box shape. Add a top.

Cut a piece of wood larger than the top to use as the bottom piece.

making a box shape

Step 2: Drill Holes

Drill holes into each side of the box. Use a drill bit that is slightly larger than the shank of the bit. Also, don't drill straight into the board. Instead, drill at an angle so the bits won't fall out of their spaces.

drill holes into each side of box

Step 3: Nail the Bottom, and Attach the lazy Susan

Nail the bottom piece to the box. If the bottom piece will be used to store bits, make sure not to drill the holes for them all the way through the board.

Screw the lazy Susan into the bottom of the unit. The bottom of the lazy Susan has interlocking holes so you can screw through the bottom and still turn it.

screw lazy susan into bottom of unit

Step 4: Make the Profiles

Cut the profiles on larger pieces of scrap, and cut them down to the size needed rather than attempting to cut the small pieces themselves.

Attach the profile to the box, and put the bits in their places.