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How to Make a Room Rustic with Log Siding

If you're looking for a rustic style -- or maybe even a cabin feel for your own bedroom -- here's a project from host Fuad Reveiz to make that happen.

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siding used to create custom shelves

Step 1: Before Beginning: Apply Polyurethane

Apply polyurethane to trim and 2 x 4 stock.

Remove all existing moldings. Score the top of the baseboards using a utility knife. This will break the paint seal and any caulk. Use a pry bar and hammer to remove the baseboards. Next, use the pry bar to remove any decorative trim near the ceiling.

Step 2: Remove the Window Sill

Move on to the window trim. Score the caulk joint around the window sill, and slide the sill right out. This sill will be replaced with a wood sill that matches the room. Finally, remove the casing from around the doors.

Step 3: Begin Trim Work by Measuring

Normally, the new trim work would be completed after all other work. But in this case, the trim work is done first so that the log siding will butt against it. To begin the trim work, first measure inside dimensions of window. Measure the width and depth of the window sill and sides.

Cut 1 x 6 pine to length, the rip to depth needed. Set window sill into position first. Attach with 2-1/4" trim nails. Place the top sill in the window. Next, set the two sides in and wrap the interior of the window.

Measure the outer dimensions of the window, then cut decorative 1 x 4 fluted casing on the chop saw. Align with the window sill, leaving a 1/4" reveal, and nail in place.

set window sill into position

Step 4: Cut and Attach Side Pieces

Measure and cut the side pieces and attach the same way. At the top, carefully align the mitered corners and nail in place. For extra support, nail into the sides of the trim where the corners meet.

align mitered corners and nail in place

Step 5: Finish Trim with Door

Add the door trim. First measure for the length of the inside corner piece, then measure for the width. Cut to length, then rip on the table saw to the correct width.

Attach the trim to closet door frame using the trim nailer. With both sides up, measure for the top piece, cut and nail in place. Finally, cut and nail the entry door trim in place.