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How To Make A Ribbon Bulletin Board

A crisscross pattern of ribbons attached to a fabric-covered bulletin board makes a handy and decorative place for tucking notes and photos.

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fabric covered bulletin board is easy to make
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Step 1: Attach fabric and batting to cork board

Lay the fabric face down on the work surface and cover it with a layer of batting. Center the bulletin board face down on the batting.

Use a staple gun to attach the fabric and batting to the back of the bulletin board. Staple the middle of one side, then pull the fabric and batting taut and staple the opposite side. Staple alternate sides in this manner. Before stapling the corner fabric, clip off excess batting at the corner so the fabric will lie flat.

attach fabric and batting to cork board

Step 2: Crisscross ribbon over board

Turn the bulletin board face up, and arrange pieces of gimp ribbon in a crisscross pattern across the front of the board. Pull the ribbon taut, and use upholstery tacks to pin it in place at the edges of the board and at intersection points. Insert the upholstery tacks by lightly tapping them in place with a tack hammer. If necessary, use needle-nose pliers to hold the tacks while hammering.

crisscross ribbon and pin with upholstery tacks

Step 3: Attach ribbons

Attach the ends of the ribbon to the back of the bulletin board with hot glue.