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How to Make a Pocket Hole

A pocket hole is a hidden drill hole that a screw sinks into at an angle to fasten two pieces of wood together. Learn how to make a pocket hole with these step-by-step instructions.

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pocket hole is a hidden drill hole
  • Time

    15 Minutes

  • Price Range

    $50 - $100

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Prepare the Board

The pocket holes goes into a cabinet frame from behind so that the joinery is not seen from the front of the cabinet. Pocket holes can also be used for shelving.

Use a drill bit with a pointed tip to make the pocket hole. Set a stop collar on the bit so the drill doesn't go all the way through the board.

Take a piece of wood and lock it into place using the plunger. Position the wood to cut either one hole or two.

making the pocket hole

Step 2: Drill the Pocket Hole

Drill the pocket hole. The bit slides through the pocket hole jig at an angle.
If necessary, drill a second hole.

drill the pocket hole

Step 3: Attach Wood Using a Pocket Hole

Use locking pliers (Image 1) to hold the two pieces of wood together during this process.

Use specialty screws with square-drive heads and a long screwdriver tip to drill the screws into the pocket holes.

Drill the screw into the pocket hole (Image 2).

Note: Pocket holes can be used on panels as well.