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How to Make a Miter Fence Extension and Stop Block

The miter gauge that comes with most table saws isn't long enough to cut long boards. Add a miter fence extension and stop block to increase usefulness.

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add miter fence extension and stop block to saw
  • Time

    1 hour

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Position the Aluminum Bar Stock

The fence extension is essentially two pieces of a hard wood glued together. Each piece of wood has two grooves cut into it. The top groove is sized for a bolt that will be attached to the handle of the stop. The bottom groove is sized for a piece of aluminum bar stock. Instead of cutting grooves in two pieces, cut one piece to twice the length needed. For example, for two 12" pieces, use one 24" piece of wood and cut the grooves. Then, cut the 24" piece in half.

Place the piece of aluminum bar stock in its groove between the two pieces of wood.

Glue the pieces together then use tape to hold it in place while the glue dries.

Step 2: Cut a Notch, and Then the T Part

On the table saw, cut a notch for the stop. Make the first cut then turn the board around to achieve a centered notch.

Cut the T part of the stop on a router table. Make the first cut then turn the board around to achieve a centered notch.

Step 3: Cut Rabbets on the Board

Cut the T part of the stop on a router table. This is the piece that will ride along the top of the fence and support the drop-down stop. Start with a board longer than needed. Cut it to length later. Cut a rabbet on one side of the board, then turn it around and cut a second rabbet to get the 'T' shape. Use a featherboard to keep the piece tight against the bit.

Attach a handle to the 'T' piece. The bolt at the end of handle slides through the notch you made in the beam. This makes it easy for the stop piece to move along the fence.

cut rabbets on the board

Step 4: Attach the Drop-Down Stop

Finally, attach the piece of wood that will make the drop-down stop. This is a small board attached to the carrier piece with a simple butt hinge. Use a pilot bit when screwing in the hinge to avoid stripping the heads of the screws.

Add the shop-miter extension fence and drop-down stop, and you are ready to cut.

attach drop down stop

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