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How to Make a Lumber Rack

DIY experts explain how to make a lumber rack that will help keep any workshop organized. Screw the lumber rack into a permanent spot in the shop, or add casters so it can be moved around.

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lumber rack keeps workshop organized
  • Time

    2 hours

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Start the Frame

Start with the base of the unit by adding a nipple and a T-joint to start the frame.

Add another nipple to the top of the t-joint.

start with base by adding nipple and t joint

Step 2: Attach an Arm

Attach an arm to the nipple. The arm is composed of a T-joint, a long nipple and an end cap at the end. Face this arm away from the inside of the lumber rack. It's one of the supports for the hardwood lumber.

Note: The length of the nipple depends of how big the lumber rack will be. Just be sure not to make the arms so long that they can't support the weight of the lumber.

face arm away from inside of lumber rack

Step 3: Add Nipples and T-joints

To the top of t-joint, add a long nipple and another T-joint.

Put a long nipple at the top of that T-joint, then add a longer piece at the bottom of the T that will connect with the other side of the rack.

Add another T-joint to the top with an arm coming from the bottom of the T.

Step 4: Add a Nipple With an Elbow Joint

Add a long nipple with an elbow joint to the top of the t-joint. Put another long nipple on the other side of the elbow joint.

Repeat these steps to build the other side of this half of the unit.

Step 5: Connect the Pieces

At the top of the unit, you will see that the two pieces do not connect because they are both right-threaded. Use a union joint to connect the pieces.

use union joint to connect pieces of pipe

Step 6: Build the Second Half, and Connect the Units

Repeat all of the steps to build the second half of the unit.

Use union joints to connect both halves.