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How to Make a Decorative Spice Rack

Add color to your kitchen and a little kick to your recipes with a snazzy new spice rack.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Cut Sheet Metal to the Right Size

Wear work gloves if the sheet metal has rough edges. Determine where you want to hang your spice rack and have a piece of 22-gauge sheet metal cut to the proper dimensions.

Then with a hammer and nail, tap a single guide dent in each corner of the sheet metal. The guide dents should keep your drill bit from skidding across the metal. Lay the metal onto a price of scrap wood and, using your drill, make a hole through each of the four corner notches.

Step 3: Hang the Rack with Sheet-Metal Screws

Mark the location of the four holes onto the wall and hang the "rack" using four sheet-metal screws. Use a level to position the rack, and if it's heavy, secure with toggles. Now comes the fun part -- creating your new spice containers. You'll be using watchmaker cases, which were originally designed to store gems and watch movements.

Step 4: Attach Magnets to Each Case

Using a two-part epoxy mixture, attach a magnet onto the back of each case and let them dry for five minutes. Now, remove the lids and fill each case with one spice. (For this particular project, we're using 15 different spices.)

Step 5: Label the Spices

So the cook doesn't get confused, use a label maker or a permanent marker to write the name of each spice on the lid. Finally, attach your clever containers to the sheet metal.