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How to Make a Corner Storage Bench

Use these step-by-step instructions and see how a cleverly designed bench offers the perfect place for taking off shoes and storing them.

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    $50 - $100

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    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Make and Connect the Box Frame

Build this large L-shaped bench in two separate pieces, securing the side and back pieces to the two bottom pieces using wood glue and nails. Once the sides of the box frame are done, affix the two box pieces together using a plywood brace to attach the pieces together using wood screws.

Step 2: Add the Top Shelf

To add the top shelf that will run around the inside of the piece, use a framing square and carpenter's pencil to mark off a line to serve as a guide for installing the seat pieces. Once the line is transferred around the inside of the box, follow the line as reference as you secure the shelf pieces with wood glue and a nail gun. Add custom shelving to the inside, according to your storage needs, then add the bench-seat tops using the same technique.

Step 3: Add Trim

Add trim to the top front edges of the bench allowing it to extend about an inch above the seat surface to help hold the cushions in place. Attach trim pieces to the bottom edge also, again attaching it so it extends about 1" above the flat surface. The lip on the lower piece will help hold shoes and other contents inside the storage area compartment.

Step 4: Add the Front Doors, Prime and Paint

Sliding front doors can be installed using plastic tracks. Cut the doors from beadboard, and then use a hole saw to drill finger holes to make it easier to slide the doors once they are mounted on the tracks.

Once assembly is complete, prime and paint the bench. Once it's dry, set it in place and add cushions. You may want to remove the baseboards from the corner area so the new unit can sit perfectly flush against the wall.