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How to Make a Concrete Fire Feature (page 3 of 3)

Instead of throwing out an old fire pit, reuse the metal bowl. By creating a square concrete frame and filling it with gravel, you can set the bowl in place, surround with decorative rock, and enjoy a beautiful new fire feature.

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Step 8: Add Finishing Touches to Concrete Frame

Add a thin layer of mortar along the outside of the frame to add a smooth finish (Image 1). If desired, cut pieces of slate to fit the top of the frame and mortar in place (Image 2).

Step 9: Fill with Gravel

Add gravel about three quarters of the way full, so the top of the fire bowl will be flush with the top of the concrete frame.

Step 10: Set Bowl in Place

Add or subtract gravel accordingly to bring the bowl to the correct height.

Step 11: Add Decorative Rock

Add a large cobble, such as Mexican pebble, along the outsides of the bowl until only the top rim of the bowl is exposed.

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