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How to Make a Concrete Fire Feature (page 2 of 3)

Instead of throwing out an old fire pit, reuse the metal bowl. By creating a square concrete frame and filling it with gravel, you can set the bowl in place, surround with decorative rock, and enjoy a beautiful new fire feature.

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Step 4: Add Reinforcement

Drive 20-inch pieces of rebar into the corners of the square as well as along every foot inside the frame (Image 1). Make sure the rebar is securely in the ground and sits below the edge of the frame.

Run 4-foot pieces of rebar horizontally between the vertical rebar. Tie together with steel metal wire. This will make a grid (Image 2). Cut wire with wire cutters.

Step 5: Add Wire Mesh or Matting

For extra reinforcement, add wire mesh or matting. Cut pieces to fit inside the form. Tie to the rebar grid with wire.

Step 6: Pour Concrete

Pour concrete inside the frame (Image 1). Tamp down the concrete so all holes are filled; you don't want any spaces inside the form. Smooth off the top with a trowel. Tap forms while concrete is still wet — this releases the concrete from the forms while drying. Let dry overnight (Image 2).

Step 7: Strip Forms

Once the concrete is dry and set up, carefully strip the forms.

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