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How to Make a Clamp Storage Rack

If clamps are cluttering the workspace learn how to make this easy clamp storage rack to organize various sizes of clamps.

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make a clamp storage rack
  • Time

    Under Half Day

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Cut the Angles

The rack has notches cut into the pieces of wood that hold clamps. It also has a piece of wood on the top to clip on oddly-shaped clamps. Casters attached to the bottom make the unit easy to move around the shop

Cut a 10 degree angle on one end of a long poplar piece that makes up the A-frame. Cut the second piece at an opposing 10 degree angle.

Step 2: Cut the Top Plate

Next, cut a piece of plywood to make the top plate. It should have 10 degree angles cut on either side.

Screw the top plate to the two pieces of poplar.

cut the top plate

Step 3: Construct the A-Frame

Cut a 10 degree angle into one end of a piece of 1" x 4". This piece will be the bottom of the frame. To start, this piece needs to be longer than the width of the two legs of the frame.

Position the bottom piece against one leg of the frame. This will show where the other end of the piece needs to be cut. Mark, cut and screw it in place.

Repeat steps one through five for the other side of the A-frame. The two sides should have the same dimensions.

Step 4: Space the Notched Boards

Next, cut notches into a board using a jigsaw. The size of the notches depends on the size of the clamps.

Make one or two more notches to fit the needs of the clamp rack.

Screw the notched boards in between the two sides of the A-frame. The length of the clamps determines the spacing of the notched boards.

cut notches into board using a jigsaw

Step 5: Finish the Assembly

Attach a board to the top of the rack for oddly-shaped clamps.

Finally, attach four casters to the bottom of the unit.

attach four casters to bottom of unit