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How to Make a Chair Rung

If a chair tenon cannot be repaired, it's easy to make a new rung. A router table with a special fence is the tool of choice for this project.

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  • Time

    30 Minutes

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Create a V-block Fence

Use drywall screws to fit one piece of 14" x 9" plywood perpendicular to another of the same size. This creates a V-block fence to use on the router.

create V block fence to use on router

Step 2: Attach a Shelf

Cut the 9" x 2" scrap piece of plywood so that it fits like a shelf inside the V-block. Drill the shelf into place.

attach a shelf

Step 3: Place the V-block on the Router Table

Put a rabbeting bit in the router, and raise it until the bottom of the bit is even with the top of the router table.

Place the V-block fence on the router table, positioned so that the router bit is in the center of its joint.

Clamp the V-block into place on the router table's fence.

place the V block on router table

Step 4: Rotate the Dowel

Turn the router on. Hold the dowel in one hand, and lower the dowel through the shelf on the V-block and into the rotating bit (Image 1).

Rotate the dowel clockwise with the other hand. Keep turning until a tenon has been cut in the end of the dowel to create a new rung (Image 2).