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How to Make a Bracket for a Porch Overhang

DIY experts show how to use Extira -- an exterior composite material -- and a few righteous router tricks to create a bracket for a porch overhang.

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creating a bracket for a porch overhang
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    $500 - $1,000

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Step 1: Cut the Shape of the Bracket

First, determine the shape of the bracket and sketch the shape onto an exterior composite panel.

Use a Forstner bit on a drill press to make the holes, then use a band saw to cut the shape of the bracket.

use forstner bit on drill press to make holes

Step 2: Round the Edge

Use a plunge router equipped with a roundover bit (with bearing guide) to round the edge of the bracket. To avoid lopsided roundovers, avoid the use of severe roundover bits.

Turn the bracket and route the other side.

round edges of bracket

Step 3: Cut the Back and Top Plates

Cut two pieces of exterior composite material for the back plate and the top plate supporting the bracket.

Step 4: Create the Cove Detail, and Finish the Bracket

Use a router table to create the cove detail on the back plate and the top plate. Cut the cove only into the center of each board. Draw lines on the router table fence equidistant from the blade to show you the stopping and starting points of the cut.

Paint the bracket as desired.

creating cove detail on back and top plate