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How to Maintain a Spray Gun

HPLV (High Volume Low Pressure) spray guns have many small openings that can become clogged with foreign materials. Learn how to keep a spray gun maintained properly with these basic steps.

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  • Time

    15 Minutes

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Clean the Air Cap

First, remove the air cap and take out the snap ring to separate the pieces. Use the proper tools to do this.

Use a needle of appropriate size to clean out the hole in the air cap.

use needle to clean out air cap

Step 2: Clean the Air Horn

Next, use a small brush to clean the air horn. Clean the holes on the back side of the air cap as well as the angles on the other side of the cap (Image 1).

Then, use a nylon welder's brush (Image 2) to clean the surfaces and the ridges inside the air cap.

Step 3: Clean the Needle Valve

Remove the fluid tip from the spray gun and use a smaller brush to clean. Make sure to get all of the holes in the fluid tip; there are quite a few.

The needle sits in a needle valve, located in the fluid tip (Image 1). If it's damaged in any way, the spray gun will drip. Use a natural brush and fluid to clean the inside of the needle valve. Use the smallest brush in the kit to clean the hole in the front of the needle valve (Image 2).

Finally, use lubricant (Image 3) with no silicone, solvents or petroleum to keep the parts moving.