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How to Maintain a Sanding Station

A belt/disc combination sander is designed to create sawdust, so it's no surprise that it gets very dirty. Here are some steps to cleaning up after a messy project.

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belt and disc combination sander to make sawdust
  • Time

    30 Minutes

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Remove Excess Sawdust

Before working with the tool, unplug it for safety.

Remove excess sawdust from the surface of the tool. Blowing air onto the tool only blows the dust into the air and onto the floor. Instead, use a shop vacuum to remove the debris. Attach the crevice tool to get into tight spaces (Image 1).

Remove the cover of the tool for access into the interior of the machine to vacuum the dust from inside.

Next, use a small brush to get rid of dust in corners and crevices (Image 2). It may be necessary to make another pass with the shop vacuum after working with the brush.

Step 2: Apply Degreaser

Use degreaser on the sanding wheel to remove adhesive material from the surface. Spray the degreaser on the wheel, then wipe off with a shop rag. Make sure to turn the wheel while spraying to cover the entire surface.

use degreaser on sanding wheel to remove adhesive

Step 3: Apply Rust Remover

Apply rust remover to get rid of surface rust on the table. Squirt the remover onto the surface, let sit for a few minutes then wipe off. Don't use the same shop rag that was used with the degreaser. Use steel wool for stubborn patches of rust. Then, spray on rust inhibitor to help prevent future rusting.

Use rust remover and rust inhibitor on the table for the belt sander as well.

apply rust remover to get rid of surface rust

Step 4: Clean the Rollers

The rollers control the tracking of the belt and can be removed from the machine to clean out any dust. When re-installing the rollers, make sure they are oriented correctly.

Then, spray on some lubricant to keep moving parts in working order. Finally, replace the cover.

spray on lubricant to keep moving parts working