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How To Maintain a Router

Routine maintenance is key in keeping a router in peak condition. Follow these steps to keep a router working properly.

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steps to keep router working properly
  • Time

    Under Half Day

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Take the Router Apart

Open the top of the router and take a picture before you start taking things apart. Detach the wires that connect the brushes to the motor and replace the brushes.

Step 2: Replace the Switch

To replace the switch, pull one wire off the old switch and put it in the same position on the new switch. Then, do the same with the second wire. This ensures that the right wire is going into the proper side of the power switch. Do not use pliers to pull on the wires.

replace the switch

Step 3: Eliminate Dust Inside the Router

Dust inside the tool can interfere with electrical contacts. Compressed air can sometimes blow too hard on delicate parts, so use a brush to gently dust the inside of the router.

use a brush to gently dust inside of router

Step 4: Make Sure All Parts Are in Good Shape

Check the collet. If it needs to be replaced, make sure to get the correct model that will fit your router. Next, check the base. If the base needs to be replaced, unscrew it and replace with a new one. If the base is still usable, but has a few scratches on it, rub the base lightly on a piece of sandpaper to smooth them out. Make sure to do this on a flat surface. Spray lubricant on the plunge rods. Wipe the excess lubricant off and check the action to make sure the router plunges smoothly. If it does not move freely, check the springs. They may need to be replaced.

make sure all parts are in good shape