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How to Maintain a Lawnmower

Keeping your lawn mower in good working condition will help ensure that it'll last for years.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Drain the Gas and Oil

Before you begin, drain the gas tank and run the engine until it stops. Take out the drain plug, drain the oil completely into a drip pan and replace the plug securely. Then properly dispose of the old oil.

Step 3: Clean off Dirt and Grass

Using the putty knife, clean off the dirt and matted grass from the underside of the mower. Use a hose or pressure washer to finish the job.

Step 4: Sharpen the Blade

Be sure to remove the sparkplug wire from the sparkplug before working on the blade. Hold the blade with a towel and remove the mounting nut with a socket wrench. You can either sharpen the blade yourself or have it professionally done. Replace the sharpened blade, adding a little lubricant to make it easier.

Step 5: Replace the Air Filter and Sparkplug

Turn the mower back upright and find the air filter compartment on the mower. The filter should be cleaned or replaced at least once a season to preserve the life of the engine.

Pull off the sparkplug wire and remove the plug with the long barrel of your socket wrench. Use a wire brush to clean off carbon deposits, or you can just replace it with a new sparkplug. Make sure you buy the right size for your mower.

Screw in the new plug and tighten with a wrench, being careful not to over tighten. Fill the oil compartment with 30-weight oil. Some engines require non-detergent oil, so consult your owner's manual before proceeding.