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How to Lay Out Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are easy to place and can be custom fit to fill any room. Learn how to install carpet tiles with these easy step-by-step instructions.

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  • Time

    2 hours

  • Price Range

    $100 - $250

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Snap a Chalk Line

Measure the width of the carpet tiles. Measure this distance out from the longest, straightest wall and snap a chalk line across the room at this point.

Tip: Walls aren't necessarily straight, especially in older homes. Snapping a straight line means the tiles will line up straight even if the wall doesn't; baseboard molding will cover gaps between tiles and the wall.

Step 2: Adhere Carpet Pieces

Use double-sided carpet tape to adhere tiles to the floor. If installing carpet tiles over hidden in-floor storage bins, don't tape down the tiles over the bins.

Trim as needed. Trim the carpet tiles as needed using a metal straight edge and a sharp utility knife.

Tip: To trim tiles neatly, flip the tile carpet-side down. Don't try to cut through the depth of the tile all at once. Instead, score the tile several times with a sharp utility blade — using a straight edge as a guide

Step 3: Replace Base Trim

Replace any baseboard molding or install new molding, as desired, to cover gaps between the carpet tiles and the wall.