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How to Join Boards With a Circular Saw

A jointer isn't the only way to join two boards. Here's one way to accomplish the task with a circular saw.

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  • Time

    30 Minutes

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Attach Outriggers to the Saw

Bolt the two 18" x 2" x 1" strips of oak to either side of the base of the circular saw, parallel to the blade. These strips will act as outriggers. They extend the base, keeping the blade parallel to the fence.

attach outriggers to saw

Step 2: Cut and Clamp the Spacer Bar

Measure the distance from the teeth of the blade to the outside edge of the closest outrigger. Cut the width of the spacer bar to that measurement. Position the two boards to be jointed edge to edge on a level surface. Place the spacer bar to one side of the joint, with its edge directly over the joint. Line up the fence edge to edge with the opposite side of the spacer bar, and clamp it into place. The saw blade will pass down the joint where the boards meet.

cut and clamp spacer bar

Step 3: Pass the Saw Across the Joint

Clamp the other board to be jointed into place on the work surface. Pass the saw across the joint, using the fence as a guide. This will remove some material from each board, creating smooth edges for the joint.

pass saw across joint

Step 4: Smooth the Edges and Glue

If the edges are not smooth or straight enough, continue passing the saw through the joint. Push the two boards together and adjust the fence each time. Once the edges are straight and smooth, glue the two boards together at the joint.