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How to Insulate a Kitchen Nook

Here's how to keep cold drafts out of an eating area.

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Step 1: Cut the Lumber to Length

You'll need a top and bottom plate, and studs spaced about every 16-24 inches apart. The spacing will depend on the width of the insulation batts. Build the frame by nailing the studs to the bottom and top plates.

Step 2: Secure the Frame

Run a bead of adhesive along the floor next to the wall. Put the frame in place. Make pilot holes for the masonry screws, then attach the frame to the wall. Fit the batting into the frame between the studs. Be sure not to leave any gaps, and avoid compressing the insulation.

Step 3: Cut and Secure the Beadboard

Cut the beadboard to size and nail the pieces to the frame. Finish with trim.