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How to Insulate a Garage (page 2 of 2)

DIY experts demonstrate how to insulate a garage and apply weather stripping to the door.

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Step 3: Secure the Plywood

Secure the plywood with the A-grade side facing out. Space screws every 12" (Image 1).

Cut the plywood to fit around the doors and windows (Image 2).

Drywall could have been used to perform the same function, but plywood was used because it is lightweight and durable. Also, cabinets will be covering the wall later, so there is no need to tape and mud, which is commonly the procedure when working with drywall.

Step 4: Cut Weather Stripping for the Garage Door

Remove the existing weather stripping. Next, measure the difference between the door and the concrete.

Cut a strip to fill the uneven gap between the floor and garage door using a circular saw.

measure difference between door and concrete

Step 5: Secure the Weather Stripping

Secure the strips with glue and screws (Image 1).

Once the door is level, install a new plastic weather strip with nails (Image 2). Cut the remainder of the strip with a utility knife.

For added insulation, install a flexible weather seal around the exterior of the garage door.

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