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How to Insulate a Garage (page 1 of 2)

DIY experts demonstrate how to insulate a garage and apply weather stripping to the door.

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Step 1: Staple the Insulation Into Place

Insulation is typically made of spun fiberglass. Push the fiberglass insulation between the studs with the paper side out (Image 1).

Staple the paper flaps, which are on either edge of the insulation, to the stud posts with a staple gun (Image 2).

Tip: Use an insulation that is appropriate for the project. The higher the number, the better it works. R-13 was used in this project (Image 3).

Step 2: Add 2x4s and Plywood

Place 2x4s over the top of the insulation, spanning the studs (Image 1). Nail the 2x4s into place.

Nail the covering sheets of the plywood to these (Image 2).

The 2x4s are needed to bump out the flywheel so it will be even with the concrete footer.

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