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How to Install Wainscoting on Walls

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Step 1: Mark Height of Wainscoting on Wall

Determine the height of the wainscoting that you want to apply on your wall. Mark the desired height on the wall with a pencil and double check that it is level all around.

Step 2: Cut Wainscoting

While wearing eye goggles, cut wainscoting to specific height with a table saw.

Step 3: Glue Wainscoting to Wall

Start in one corner of your room. Apply “Insta-Grab” all-purpose glue with a caulk gun to each piece of wainscoting, and align one next to the other on the wall, checking that they are level as you go.

Step 4: Trim Pieces to Fit

As you work around the room, trim wainscoting pieces accordingly with a jigsaw to fit corners and other trim.

Step 5: Nail Wainscoting to Wall

Once wainscoting is attached to the wall, secure each piece at the top and bottom with a framing nail gun. Wear eye goggles.

Step 6: Paint Wainscoting

Apply two coats of paint to wainscoting. Then paint baseboard and cap molding and allow to dry.

TIP: Purchase pre-primed wainscoting for faster installation.

Step 7: Install Baseboard and Molding

Put on safety goggles and nail baseboard and cap molding in place to finish the look.

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