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How to Install Tin Ceiling Tiles

Follow these step-by-step instructions to install tin ceiling tiles.

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Step 1: Attach a Plywood Substrate

Before installing tin ceiling tiles, you need to attach 3/8" or 1/2" plywood to the ceiling so that the tiles can be secured to a solid surface. Find the ceiling joists and make corresponding marks on the wall to use as reference points (Image 1).

Apply construction adhesive to the back of the plywood panels for extra support (Image 2) and secure the plywood into the ceiling joists with 2-1/2" decking screws installed every 10-12 inches (Image 3).

Step 2: Find the Starting Point in the Ceiling

Start by finding the center of the ceiling; use a chalk line to mark the center line. Then measure 12 inches on both sides of the center mark and snap the lines. This creates the spacing for the center row of tin tiles.

Step 3: Attach the Tiles With Steel Nails

Drill through the pre-stamped nail divots on the tile (Image 1). Use steel nails to attach the tiles to the ceiling (Image 2). The tiles will overlap at the edges, so lay out the tile from the back of the room to the front so that the finished product looks seamless (Image 3).

Use tin snips to make any necessary cuts in the tiles, making sure that the tile patterns line up perfectly after making the cuts.

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  • 2'x 4' metal ceiling panel (model: 309/color: Steel); 4' metal ceiling cornice (model: 705/color: Steel); inside miters (model: 705/color: Steel); nails (model: 1-1/4 cone head/color: Steel) and Prestplate from AA Abbingdon Affiliates Inc.
    27 Pedestal lavatory (model: K-2294-8/color: White) and widespread lavatory faucet (model: K-394-4/finish: Chrome) from Kohler
    Devonshire Line bathroom accessories:
    24 double towel bar (model: 10553); 18 towel bar (model: 10550); toilet tissue holder (model: 10554); glass shelf (model: 10563); robe hook (model: 10555); towel ring (model: 10557) soap dish (model: 10560 and tumbler/holder (model: 10561) from Kohler