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How to Install Tile on Shower Walls

Spruce up a bathroom by installing porcelain field tile and glass mosaic accent tile to shower walls.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Cut the Tiles

Use a wet saw to make any necessary tile cuts.

make tile cuts with wet saw

Apply the Thinset and Place the Tiles

Back-butter the tiles with thinset using a square-notch trowel (Image 1) and press firmly to the wall. Gently tap the tile with a rubber mallet to ensure good adhesion (Image 2).

Make Even Grout Lines

Set the spacers beneath and between tiles to make even grout lines.

make even grout lines with spacers

Hide the Rough Edge

Be sure to place the cut edge of the tiles in the corner to hide the rough edge.

place cut edge of tiles in corner

Wipe the Excess Thinset

Wipe the excess thinset off of the tiles with a wet sponge.

Set the Glass Tile

Set the glass accent tile with two layers of thinset applied with a v-notch trowel.

set glass accent tile with two layers of thinset

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