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How To Install the Sides of a Hot Tub

Learn how to install the metal bands that go around the circumference of the hot tub unit. Go over the top of the tank rim with a belt sander to level and smooth the top edge.

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install sides of hot tub
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    $100 - $250

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    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Prepare the Materials

Start assembling the beveled staves. They are beveled at a 4-1/2 degree bevel (Image 1) and they have a tongue and groove edge (Image 2). Loosely set the boards on the pre-marked base, and set them all the way around (Image 3).

Step 2: Install the Beveled Staves

Make sure the staves line up and then pound them into place. Use the hammer supplied with the kit so you don’t mar the wood. When you get to the last board, slide it down from the top. This is the only way to get it in.

Step 3: Attach the Bands

Next, using the bands supplied with the kit, bring them one by one, from top to bottom, around the hot tub (Image 1). You want them to be even with the bottom of the base and then start tightening. The bottom band needs to be centered on the bottom base (Image 2). Using an impact wrench or ratchet, tighten the nuts on the band (Image 3).

Step 4: Tighten the Bands

Once the first band is in place, put temporary blocks on the seam of the base (Image 1). This will keep the seam from buckling as you tighten the tub. Tightening the bands is a two person job. While one person tightens the band, the other should strike it with a soft face mallet (Image 2). Keep tightening the band until you meet a lot of resistance. When installing the bands, make sure that the lugs are staggered on different boards. You don’t want all the pressure points concentrated on one board.

Step 5: Install the Jets

Next, install the jets by placing them 23 inches from the bottom. That will place it about 6-1/2" up from the bench. After marking the jet locations, use a 2-1/2" hole saw to cut through the sides (Image 1). Place a generous bead of silicone sealant on the end of the body jet fitting and screw it to the gasket on the inside of the tub (Image 2).

Step 6: Install the Bench

Install the bench by adding the support, then the benches and provided spline material to attach the bench pieces together.

install the bench